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Reduce Waste Management Costs With Environmentally Responsible Cuttings and Waste Injection Solutions

Injection of cuttings and drilling wastes into a properly permitted disposal well is the only "true" zero discharge form of waste disposal. At Tordrillo OS, we have more than 20 years of experience with cuttings re-injection technologies. In fact, we've seen over 100 million barrels and cuttings and drilling waste injected, safely and successfully, in that period of time. With our proprietary risk management tools and our industry leading experience in managing the design and operations of purpose built, fit for project, injection facilities, TORDRILLO OILFIELD SOLUTIONS is the right choice for your waste management project.

Catering To Your Project

Not every project is the same, and not every project has the same goals or solutions. To better suit you, we offer custom problem-solving tactics that are tailored specifically for any project that handles waste management and solids control. Our team is not the kind that forces companies to follow one way of doing things. We are always willing to work with you to best suit your needs.

Our Process:

• We Provide Consultations To Establish Project-Specific Goals and Challenges
• We Design a System, Specifically for Your Project, That Addresses As Well As Meets Your Goals and Challenges
• We Build the Facility, Deliver It, and Manage It for you

We realize every project team is different, that is why we are happy to join yours at any stage of the process; Flexibility and adaptibility are our strengths.

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