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Managing Your Drill Cuttings And Waste Injection Solutions

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Drill Cuttings & Waste Injection Is A Time Tested And Proven Reliable Zero Discharge Technology

Reduce the effect your cuttings and drilling waste has on the nearby land through the reduction or elimination of land farms and use of our customised drill cuttings re-injection solutions. Tordrillo OS's suite of proprietary solutions provide you with customized tools for true zero discharge of drilling wastes, while protecting nearby property and laying down the foundation for future projects. Whatever projects your company is taking part in, we can adjust our services to best match your project goals.  

Applications Include:

  • Environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, parks, marine life habitats, and wildlife preserves  Desert, Jungle, Urban, and Arctic environments
  • Onshore or Offshore
  • Realtime processing on a single rig or central processing for multiple rigs
  • Water based and Oil based muds
  • Solids and liquids

Benefits Include:

  • Zero surface discharge to the environment
  • Less land usage for onshore applications
  • Reduced or eliminated logistics associated to waste transport
  • Eliminates poor perceptions of drill sites by eliminating reserve or cuttings pits
  • Reduces costs for other typical onsite waste handling like cuttings dryers, cuttings containers, etc.
  • Can handle multiple waste streams, reducing the need for secondary disposal of other wastes such as production wastes
  • Can be used for drilling support as well as produced water and brine from reverse osmosis or fresh water production operations

Waste Management

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At Tordrillo OS, we make use of reliable drill cuttings re-injection technology to reduce the impact that oil drilling companies have on the land around them. Our team has a proven track record of providing for facilities in Alaska and the desert by aiding them in the production and management of their waste. We have also assisted in correcting facilities that were not operating at optimal or acceptable levels. Wherever you are in the nation, we are capable of providing our services for you.

We have been involved with cuttings re-injection, waste management, and solids control for over ten years, gaining global experience designing and delivering these services in the most efficient manner possible. Our team has over 20 years of extensive expertise in this area of oilfield work designing, building, operating, and managing projects from start to finish. You can put your faith in us to get the job done for you in a timely and reliable manner.


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